Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Willy Wonka concept designs

For these paintings, I was conceptualizing the story behind Willy Wonka and his oompa Lumpa's. The concept behind this Willy Wonka was basically he had been trapped in his factory for so long that his flesh and eye's got completely sensitive to the outside air and sunlight. Therefore having to wear a face mask and goggles to protect his face. The oompa Lumpa's are around to wheel his oxygen tank for him to breath. I had so much fun doing this stuff, I'm hoping after school to do a maquette of the oompa lumpa. I have some factory environment stuff I'll post soon. Until then I hope you enjoy my twisted gang of Wonka Land.

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Unfortunates" series ~painting no. 2~

entitled "spoiled" Oil on canvas.

Dark Royalty

sketches from the black sketchbook. When people ask what do you think about when you draw, it's more than what I say when I give a response. Alot of times my sketches are just random creations, but for a lot of the drawings like these images above it is for a series titled dark royalty. If random people come up to ask me what im thinking about when I draw these images, I'll most likely say, " I don't know just random stuff" mainly because it's ideas that I'm still in the midst of forming and I dont want you to know about it yet, so if your the type of person that likes to critisize artists about being "Dumb as rocks" thinking that they just create stuff and don't think what it means, than you can share this to your friends, because your all narrow minded and need to investigate more before you speak.