Wednesday, April 08, 2009


this was a very early version of how i wanted to go with the new vision of the headless horseman. more quirky and stylized and less realistic. the idea was this horseman was riding around headless with no legs, used his slaves to push his taxidermy horse on wheels to find new slaves to replace his decapitated heads. obviously it was hard to show all this in a short film so i took it a different direction.

studies for the decapitated heads the horseman could wear

this was the final design we all agreed on, it matched the steampunk style more and gave the appearance that the horseman was a realistic moving locamotive.

Dave and I did alot of back and forth to get the model to its finish. overall, it turned out pretty damn cool- above are some rendered maya images I drew over for dave to model to, a technique very similar to what I do at Bluesky~ to check out a full turn around of the model go to daves blog